Secrets of Natural Walking


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What makes Natural Walking different?​

Our human body is extraordinary with its natural self healing capabilities, however many of us are not allowing these healing capabilities to be active. Meridians are the natural energy pathways of the body that, when stimulated, awaken the healing potential of the body.  Learning the Secrets of Natural Walking will unlock this potential.

Secrets of Natural Walking Workshops will focus on both the technical and spiritual aspects of walking. With application of this new learning, the resulting changes can be deep and profound.  These changes can be physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

In the workshop you will learn six fundamental keys involved in taking just one step.  These keys, when broken down and practised slowly, have the potential to correct many physical ailments.  Pain associated with the feet, knees, hips and back is often caused by the habitual imprint of walking incorrectly.  We can spend lots of money getting adjustments from health practitioners, but fundamentally, if we continue to walk incorrectly, in a way that caused us the problems in the beginning, these conditions will reappear.

The Secrets of Natural Walking workshops, help to change the fundamental structure of our step and address in detail the adjustments needed to walk our way to health and happiness, using our body more in accordance with the way it was designed by our creator.