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The more I opened my heart my body followed and healed also. 
My joints, whole physical body are in good shape now and I am pain free. Feelings of stress, pressure and anxiety are immensely reduced.’
David, Client Heart-Guided Therapeutics

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alt  1. Heart-Guided Intervention/Coaching or 'HBT'

Utilising the 2nd or true heart offer two options to work with:

  • Heart-guided work or heart-centred coaching;
  • Heart-based therapeutic (HBT) intervention or Deep Emotional Clearing (ECP)

The first option is a gentle, yet clear introduction to the heart and the heart's continued work and help for a client. 

Enjoyment in life, happiness and connection to purpose, including purposefull and deep connection to others (socially/at work/at home) are felt with the heart.  What many people don't know is that the utilisation of the heart offer the most direct way back to deep and profound feelings of these essential and much-appreciated and valued qualities in life. 

The 2nd approach, usually after a first or first set of sessions, offers a profound intervention with proven physical, mental, emotional and wider positive wellbeing impacts. HBT has shown to be successful even with trauma or very old, deep issues or patterns.

HGT: ‘The most impactful, moving session I have experienced in my entire professional life.’ James O’Neill, Director Quartz Consulting (Tasmania - Victoria)

HBT: ‘I have just been quite excited … I was wondering how I have not heard about (it) before … the open heart method seems so simple that it could potentially assist lots of people with anxiety, depression etc.‘ Client (experienced Psychologist)

  2. Reiki ...

Utilises a fine, blissful and deeply-relaxing energy-process with abilities to remove deep-lying blockages and causes of illness or un-wellbeing.

Reiki was rediscovered by a Japanese medical doctor. Reiki Tummo, a second form of reiki learned by Klaus, consists of the channelling of the finer Shing Chi energy that is a deeper-penetrating, powerfully clearing.

Reiki is effective where other medical or alternative health interventions do not reach or where they haven't been effective. You may choose Reiki as the main or as a complimentary (additional, supporting) treatment.

alt 3. Shiatsu ...

Is based on the ancient 5,000-year-old Chinese Medical model of meridians (energy-lines) and gentle acupuncture pressure point work/stimulation, massage and rotations. It is done in loose clothing and the pressure points or whole meridians stimulated, unblocked, etc. to enhance the body’s natural self-healing abilities.

A session may consist of one, 2 or all of the 3 interventions, modalities or heart-centred therapies.

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alt  Heart-Guided Work - HGT, HCC or HBT - offer

We know about the heart when we say "I need a change of hearts", "in the heart of hearts you know" or "follow your heart". Klaus's heart work makes this tangible and real and engages the power and full potential of your heart as a source of intelligence, connection and profound ability.

List of conditions that HGT, HBT or ECP can be beneficial for.

‘The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.’ Helen Keller

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More Testimonials

‘I would like to thank you for the amazing help you have provided this opening heart, to feel, to expand, to blossom.  I feel this consciousness is embarking on an amazing journey, one that I am sure is age old.’

Client – Reiki & HGT treatment

‘The aches and pains and joint stiffness and abdominal congestion and fuzzy head and clogged up respiratory tract not only had begun to clear up and be cleansed of unwanted debris but they seemed to totally dissolve and disappear.'

Client - serious heart and respiratory condition - HGT and Reiki session.

‘Needless to say Klaus, this morning I have woken up with a BIG WIDE SMILE and lots and lots of LOVE in my heart … despite having had very little sleep.’

Client – feedback after a couple sessions and self-practice at home [Make Contact] [Top of Page]

Media - Publications - Articles
  1. Book '17 - Your Heart Can Help - The Answer is Within You: discover the
    complete guide to joy, health, love, success and fulfilment.

    Buy it online at - Book Despitory, Kindle, Amazon (US - UK), also as ebook on most sites; including Itunes and Google Play Book  - also at Hobart's Padmalight; Dymocks, Fullers and Launceston's Patriarch/Gifts of the Earth book stores. 
  2. Article '14 - Purple House, Forth, NW Tasmania - May'15
  3. Article '16 - Shiatsu and the Heart - Publication April '16 
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Treatment Cost - Cancellation Fee (2018 Prices):

Standard treatment costs are (eftpos available):

Shiatsu/Reiki/HGT       Heart-Based Therapeutics Session             
$ 95 (one hour)                                 $110 (one hour)
$ 135 (1.5 hours)                            $150 (1.5 hours)
$ 170 (two hours)                           $195 (two hours)
$ 65 (one hour)                               N/A

$ 50 (30min - available usually only for e.g. follow-up sessions, emergency treatment, etc..  Please call for a brief conversation)

Mobile sessions are available.  Additional call-out/travel cost:
0-30km: $35; 31-50km: $45; 50km or more: by arrangement.

Concession is offered on a case by case situation. Please make contact via e-mail or phone (mobile).

Cancellation Fees ... apply if a session is cancelled 48 hours or less prior to date and time of booking. Please note that if cancelled on time your session can be given to another person in need or in a serious crisis. The following fees apply:

If cancellation is:

  1. 48 hours (2 full days) or longer before date and time of the appointment: no charge*
  2. 24 and 48 hours: 10% of treatment charge or no charge if an alternative / new session is booked*
  3. Between 4 and 24 hours: 25% of treatment charge or no charge if an alternative / new session is booked*
  4. Four hours or less: 80% of treatment charge or 25% if an alternative / new session is booked*

* Cancellation means e.g. 24 hours before the date and time of the scheduled appointment.
* A reduction of the cancellation fee is at the discretion of the practitioner and will be based on the reasons for cancellation / missing an appointment.

To arrange a booking, best is to e-mail or sms me for a first enquiry or with 2-3 suggested days/times. [Make Contact] [Top of Page]

Contact Details - Query/Session Booking

Klaus is available - for any queries, discussion or session booking - via:

Mob. 0419 440 123 (best-leave message here only); or by

Email1 (fast response - 1-2 hours)

Email2 (normal response - 1/2 to 1 day); or contact via Facebook page: (Personal message)

Sessions are at the Lotus Centre - 45 Victoria Street, Hobart CBD. 
Please come to the waiting area at level 1. 
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About the Practitioner (Klaus Baur)

Klaus Baur has practiced & taught Shiatsu since 1988. He has a Diploma in Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies & is Reiki level 3 qualified (several traditions). He had a continued interested and practice of meditation, awareness and body-mind-heart training since 1985.

alt Heart-Centred Work:

In 2015 and 2016 Klaus further advanced heart-centred therapeutic work by completing training with the US-based Heart Based Institute and with the Canadian-based Inner Heart Institute for organisational heart-centred learning and work with groups.

In 2003 Klaus started to learn about the heart, the unique functions of non-physical heart or true heart as offered by the Padmacahaya Foundation for Inner Studies. He was one of the first Australians to complete advanced levels of training in heart-learning and exploring the heart’s profound abilities in assisting personal growth, change and as a new, stand-alone or supplementary therapeutic intervention tool. 

As an accredited heart workshop facilitator for the foundation he taught heart workshops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Klaus regularly teaches workshops in Tasmania and mainland Australia.


alt Klaus started his formal Shiatsu training with the Ohashiatsu Institute in Munich and Zurich and continued with the European Shiatsu Institute (ESI). He started to work as a practitioner in 1990 in Berlin and taught some of the first workshops in the former East Germany. Klaus received a Diploma in Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies from the Shiatsu Therapist Association, Australia (STAA) in 2006.

Klaus has several Reiki qualifications and obtained qualifications to the 3rd or highest degree. As a practitioner of Reiki Tummo, he has learned to channel refined or finer forms of the Reiki energy that are better able to assist serious or deeper lying issues. This is often clearly realised by recipients. [Make Contact] [Top of Page]

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