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The more I opened my heart my body followed and healed also. My joints, whole physical body are in good shape now and I am pain free. My feelings of stress, pressure and anxiety are immensely reduced.’ David, Client Heart-Based Work

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Modalities - Experienced and highly trained practitioners offer:

  1. Generic, introductory heart-based work
  2. Heart-Based Therapeutics' work*, deep emotional clearing, patterns removing, trauma work
  3. Reiki Treatments (some practitioners only)

Image: In many things we do, or aspire to, we often seek more love or more happiness.

What is the heart? 

Enjoyment in life, happiness, inner peace, and purposeful connection to others (socially/at work/at home) are felt with the heart. What people know less about is that the utilisation of the heart offers the most direct avenue to improve these much-valued qualities or aspects of life. The heart referred to is the energetic, second or true heart.

Image 1: location of the heart

How does the heart work? 

Once you connect directly with the heart, its gentle, yet clearly experienced work begins.  The heart's work will clear, remove burdens, general negativities and (a disposition to) emotional reactivity. For example being comparatively easily - or for one's own liking too easily - triggered, upset, irritated or angry.

You will feel better and relationships will improve. The heart will clear all that reduces core heart feelings: deep calm, gentle (inner) joy and acceptance or love for self and/or others.


One of the practitioners is Klaus.

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alt  1. Heart-Based Work/Therapeutics

Introduction to and utilising of the energetic, 2nd or true heart offers two options to work with:

  1. Heart-based work or heart-based coaching;
  2. Heart-based therapeutic (HBT) intervention; including Deep Emotional Clearing (ECP).

The first option is a gentle, yet clear introduction to the heart, often achieving profound shifts and personal outcomes for a client. It is also the foundation for the second modality, HBT work.

The 2nd approach, a HBT session or set of sessions, offers an intervention with proven physical, mental, emotional and wider positive wellbeing impacts. HBT has shown to be successful even with trauma or old, deep-lying issues or patterns.


‘I have just been quite excited … I was wondering how I have not heard about (it) before … the heart method seems so simple that it could potentially assist lots of people with anxiety, depression etc.‘
Client (experienced Psychologist)